Law and Order

Lindsey Buckingham Oct 3, 1981 Warner Music Group
# Title Duration
1 Bwana 03:08
2 Trouble 03:56
3 Mary Lee Jones 03:15
4 I'll Tell You Now 04:21
5 It Was I 02:39
6 September Song 03:17
7 Shadow of the West 03:59
8 That's How We Do It in L.A. 02:53
9 Johnny Stew
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10 Love from Here, Love from There 02:50
11 Satisfied Mind 02:49


  • Lindsey Buckingham: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, and vocals
  • George Hawkings: bass on "Trouble"
  • Mick Fleetwood: drums on "Trouble"
  • Carol Ann Harris: background harmonies on "It Was I"
  • Christine McVie: background harmonies on "Shadow of the West"